Saturday, March 26, 2011


You died on a Tuesday
a stray bullet to the head
over 20 bucks
and a dime bag

You were born with no one to lend a hand
father left right before you were born
mom always chasing the hit

and yet you pressed on
fighting to survive
you were near the top of your class
with a profound love of mathematics

they wrote about your death in the papers
calling it a devastation a tragedy
reform being demanded
but it never came
You faded away

You will never know how pretty you were
how your eyes danced in the moonlight
sparkling in the innocence of youthful days

you were buried at the bottom of a hill
near a cherry tree
only one tear was cried that day

You will never come to see your true self
the kind sweet compassionate soul 
That lived within you
only showed
to me

I sit and wonder often
how your doing now
if you made it
If I will see you there
when I pass on

In life you were there
to help me make it through
I still need you Holly
to help me see life through

I never told you
how much I loved you
Part of my soul died that tuesday
its body has yet
                        to be
the murderer got away

Rest In Peace,
my one
my only
my Holly.